Clinical Results

The Safety and Effectiveness of the BEAR Implant is Supported by Level 1 Clinical Evidence

At 2 years, all primary and secondary study endpoints were met.

Primary Outcomes


IKDC for the BEAR Implant is similar to reconstruction at 2 years.

AP Laxity

Side-to-side difference for the BEAR Implant is the same as ACLR at 2 years.

Secondary Outcomes

Hamstring Strength

The BEAR Implant provides statistically better hamstring strength at 6 and 12 months, with the trend sustained to 2 years (shown).

Contralateral Tears

BEAR Implant patients experience a trend toward fewer contralateral ACL tears at 2 years.

Results are validated by MRI and preclinical histology.

Longitudinal MRIs

BEAR Implant restores the torn ACL

ACL Orientation Comparison

BEAR Implant

Uninjured ACL

ACL restored to similar orientation of native ACL


By 8 weeks the BEAR Implant is replaced with native cells, new collagen and blood vessels

BEAR II results were published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.