BEAR Implant Medical Education & Events


Welcome to the Miach Orthopaedics medical education and events page. The following events were hosted by healthcare professionals who have completed treated multiple patients with the BEAR® Implant and offer their insights on its safe and effective use.

The BEAR® Implant: A Scientific and Clinical Overview - From Bench to Bedside

  • The science behind the BEAR Implant and the journey from FDA approval to commercialization
  • Commercial case studies review and MRI second looks

Speaker: Martha Murray, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon-in-Chief, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Boston, MA

Speaker: Daryl Osbahr, MD, Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery, Rothman Orthopaedics Florida, Orlando, FL

ACL Tear Location and the BEAR® Implant

  • Discuss science behind the BEAR Implant
  • Examine MRI predictability of stump quality and location
  • Review case studies for MRI vs interop look

Speaker: Sean McMillan, DO, Director of Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Virtua Medical Group and Chief of Orthopedics, Virtua Willingboro & Camden Campuses, Camden, NJ

Speaker: Shawn Anthony, MD, Associate Chief of Sports Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System, New York, NY

The BEAR® Implant Journey: Two-Year Case Review and Debate

  • Evidence and technique discussions
  • Insight into rehab protocol
  • Case-driven success story discussion

Moderator: Jonathan Glashow, MD, New York University, New York, NY

Panelist: Daryl Osbahr, MD, Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Rothman Orthopaedic Institute and Executive Medical Director and Chair for Advent Health Orthopaedics, Orlando, FL

Panelist: Alexander Meininger, MD, Steamboat Orthopaedic & Spine Institute, Steamboat Springs, CO

Rehabbing the BEAR® Implant Patient: Keys to Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Specifics of the BEAR Implant rehabilitation protocol – early, mid, and RTS considerations
  • Differences in treating BEAR vs. ACLR patients
  • Real world lessons learned and tips/tricks

Moderator: Catherine Logan, MD, MBA, MSPT, Colorado Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics, Denver, CO

Panelist: Marc Pietropaoli, MD, Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, Skaneateles, NY

Panelist: Carl Calabrese, DPT, Cert MDT, OCS, CNPT, Victory Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics, Skaneateles, NY

The BEAR Necessities: Bridging The Gap Between Traditional Rehab & Sports Performance

  • Discuss the science and clinical benefits of Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration
  • Highlight tips and techniques to optimize patient outcomes
  • Understand the rehabilitation protocol to enhance outcomes

Speakers: Duke Health’s Brian Lau, MD; Chris Antonelli, DPT; and Ryan Kimball, DPT

Physical Therapy for BEAR® Implant Patients: Reviewing the Latest Rehabilitation Protocol

  • Review the enhanced rehabilitation protocol to optimize patient outcomes, released in March 2023
  • Discuss how the BEAR Implant is different and requires a unique approach to rehabilitation

Panelist: Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, ScD, FAPTA, University of Delaware, Alumni Distinguished Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Newark, DE

Panelist: Carl Calabrese, DPT, Cert MDT, OCS, CNPT, Victory Sports Medicine, Director of Physical Therapy, Skaneateles, NY

What is the BEAR® Implant and How Does it Work? A Deep Dive in the Science, Evidence and Surgical Technique

  • Review of evidence
  • Discussion of technique
  • Insight into rehabilitation protocol
  • Case discussion

Moderator: Sabrina M. Strickland, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, Hospital for Special Surgery, Associate Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY

Panelist: Shawn Anthony, MD, Associate Chief, Sports Medicine Service, Mount Sinai Health System, The Orthopedic Center at Mount Sinai West, New York, NY

Panelist: Sean McMillan, DO, Chief, Orthopedics Director, Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Lourdes Medical Center of Burlington County, Cherry Hill, NJ

Case Based Discussion on my Experience with the Latest Innovation in ACL Restoration: BEAR® Implant

  • Review of clinical bene­fits of restoring the patients' native ACL
  • Discussion on latest evidence on recovery and muscle strength when restoring the ACL
  • Tips and techniques to optimize patient outcomes
  • Case examples

Speaker: Jacqueline M. Brady, MD, Associate Professor, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR

Case Review for the BEAR® Implant

  • Review of the science and evidence of the BEAR Implant
  • Detailed technique overall
  • Breakdown of rehabilitation protocol
  • Case overview including MRI analysis
  • Insight into presenting the BEAR Implant to patients

Speaker: Sean Keyes, DO, Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery, Advent Health, Orlando, FL

All You Need to Know About the Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration Solution

  • Review of the clinical benefits of restoring patients’ native ACLs
  • Latest evidence on recovery and muscle strength when restoring the ACL
  • Technique tips and pearls to optimize outcomes
  • MRI analysis
  • Case example overview

Speaker: Scott A. Sigman, MD, Team Physician, UMASS Lowell, Fellow of the World Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, North Chelmsford, MA

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