BEAR Implant On-Demand Webinars

Welcome to the Miach Orthopaedics on-demand educational webinar library. The following events were hosted by healthcare professionals who have completed multiple BEAR® Implant procedures and offer their insights on the safe and effective use of the BEAR Implant.

Jacqueline M. Brady, MD

Jacqueline M. Brady, MD
Associate Professor
Oregon Health and Science University
Portland, OR

Case Based Discussion on my Experience with the Latest Innovation in ACL Restoration: BEAR® Implant

  • Review of clinical bene­fits of restoring the patients' native ACL
  • Discussion on latest evidence on recovery and muscle strength when restoring the ACL
  • Tips and techniques to optimize patient outcomes
  • Case examples
Sean Keyes, DO

Sean Keyes, DO
Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery
Advent Health
Orlando, FL

Case Review for the BEAR® Implant

  • Review of the science and evidence of the BEAR Implant
  • Detailed technique overall
  • Breakdown of rehabilitation protocol
  • Case overview including MRI analysis
  • Insight into presenting the BEAR Implant to patients
Scott A. Sigman, MD

Scott A. Sigman, MD
Team Physician, UMASS Lowell
Fellow of the World Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
North Chelmsford, MA

All You Need to Know About the Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration Solution

  • Review of the clinical benefits of restoring patients’ native ACLs
  • Latest evidence on recovery and muscle strength when restoring the ACL
  • Technique tips and pearls to optimize outcomes
  • MRI analysis
  • Case example overview

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